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For cell culture, Made of USP Class VI polystyrene material and produced in a 100,000-grade clean room environment. The product surface is treated with TCT and therefore has higher cell attachment and growth. The products are widely used in basic research of life science , tumor analysis, virus detection and diagnosis, genetic engineering, vaccine development and production. Available with 5 different growth surface areas of 6,12,24,48,96 wells.

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▸USP Class VI, high clarity, 100% virgin polystyrene
▸Uniform well volume ensures equal growth surface area
▸Fool-proof design of lid with condensation ring to reduce evaporation and prevent cross-contamination
▸Wells are labeled with alphanumeric code for easy identification
▸Stackable for easy storage and handling
▸Vacuum plasma TC treatment, excellent cell adherence
▸Sterilized by E-beam, Non-Pyrogenic, DNase/RNase free
▸Heat-melting adhesive with Dupont Tyvek, individually packaged

 Product Specifications

Cat.No. Spec(well) Surface type Cell Growth Area
Recommended Medium Volume
Lid Sterile Quantity
CCP096 96, Flat TC-treated 0.32 0.075-0.2 Y Y 65/CASE
CCP048 48, Flat TC-treated 0.88 0.19-0.285 Y Y 50/CASE
CCP024 24, Flat TC-treated 1.9 0.38-0.57 Y Y 50/CASE
CCP012 12, Flat TC-treated 3.6 0.76-1.14 Y Y 50/CASE
CCP006 6, Flat TC-treated 9.5 1.9-2.9 Y Y 50/CASE

 Measurement Specifications

 Cat. No. Product name Shipping dimensions
 W × H × D (mm)
Shipping weight (kg)
CCP096 TC-Treated Cell Culture Plates( 96Well) 550×280×185 4.9
CCP048 TC-Treated Cell Culture Plates( 48Well) 550×280×185 4.7
CCP024 TC-Treated Cell Culture Plates( 24Well) 550×280×185 4.4
CCP012 TC-Treated Cell Culture Plates( 12Well) 550×280×185 3.8
CCP006 TC-Treated Cell Culture Plates( 6Well) 550×280×185 3.8

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