T180 Heating Incubator

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For constant temperature culture or incubation, it’s heating incubator.

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Model Product name Number of unit Dimension(L×W×H)
T180  Thermostatic Incubator  1 Unit 580×640×790mm      ( Base included)
T180-2 Thermostatic Incubator (2 Units) 1 Set (2 Units) 580×640×1540mm      ( Base included)
T180-D2 Thermostatic Incubator  (2nd Unit) 1 Unit (2nd Unit) 580×640×750mm 


Key Features:

❏ Simple LCD key controller, simple and intuitive to operate
▸ The push-button control panel is intuitive and easy to operate, so you can easily control the switching of a parameter and change its value without special training
▸ Perfect appearance of the display area showing the temperature. With the enlarged digital display and clear symbols on the monitor, you can observe from a far distance

❏ The ultimate in temperature control precision
▸ Highly accurate control ensures stable temperature distribution even with given challenging parameters.

❏ Easy disassembly without tools
▸ Stainless steel shelves and brackets are durable and can be removed without tools in 1 minite, This detachable structure is designed for easy cleaning of the inner compartment

❏ Multiple safety designs for users and samples safety
▸ Optimized PID parameter settings that do not cause temperature overshoot during temperature rise and fall
▸ After an accidental power failure, the constant temperature and humidity chamber will remember the user's set parameters, and automatically start according to the original set parameters after the call, and automatically prompt the user for the accident that has occurred
▸ When a parameter deviates far from the set value, automatically turn on the sound and light alarm system

Configuration List:

Incubator 1
Shelf 3
Power Cord 1
Product Manual, Test Report, etc. 1

 Technical Details

Cat. No. T180
Control interface Push-button LCD display
Temperature control mode PID control mode
Temperature control range Ambient +5°C~60°C
Temperature display resolution 0.1°C
Temperature fluctuation ±0.1°C
Temperature distribution ±0.5°C @37°C
Power consumption max. 900W
Timing function 0-999.9hours
Internal Dimension (W×D×H) 656×646×850mm
Dimension (W×D×H) 656×646×850mm (1 unit); 656×646×1660mm (2 units);
Volume 180L
Working environment temperature 10°C~ 30°C
Power supply 115V~230V±10%, 50~60Hz
Weight 63kg

 Shipping Information

Cat. No. Product name Shipping dimensions
W×D×H (mm)
Shipping weight (kg)
T180 Heating Incubator 645×700×945 83

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