T100 Incubator CO2 Analyzer

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For measurement of CO2 concentration in CO2 incubators.

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Cat.No. Product name Number of unit Dimension(L×W×H)
T100 Incubator CO2 Analyzer 1 Unit 165×100×55mm

Key Features:

❏ Accurate CO2 concentration readings
▸ Detection of CO2 concentration via customized dual-wavelength non-spectral infrared principle ensures accuracy
❏ Rapid measurement of CO2 incubator
▸ Specifically designed for CO2 incubator gas concentration, accessible from the gas sample measurement port of the incubator or from the glass door, the pumped gas sampling design allows for rapid measurements
❏ Easy-to-use display and buttons
▸ Large, easy-to-read LCD display with backlighting and large, guide-response buttons for quick access to various operations
❏ Extra-long working standby time
▸ Built-in lithium-ion battery requires only 4 hours of charging for up to 12 hours of standby time.
❏ Can measure a wide range of gases
▸ Optional O2 measurement function, one machine for two purposes, to realize a gauge to measure the concentration of CO2 and O2 gas test purposes

Configuration List:

CO2 Analyzer 1
Charging Cable 1
Protective Case 1
Product Manual, etc. 1

 Technical Details

Cat. No. T100
Display LCD, 128×64 pixels, backlight function
CO2Measurement Principle Dual-wavelength infrared detection
CO2 Measurement Range 0~20%
CO2 Measurement Accuracy ±0.1%
CO2 measurement time ≤20 sec
Sampling pump flow 100mL/min
Battery type Lithium battery
Battery operating hours Battery time Charge 4 hours, use up to 12 hours (10 hours with pump)
Battery charger 5V DC external power supply
Optional O2 measurement function Measuring principle: Electrochemical detection

Measuring range: 0~100%

Measurement accuracy: ±0.1%

Measuring time: ≤60 sec

Data storage 1000 data records
Working environment Temperature: 0~50°C; Relative humidity: 0~95% r.h.
Dimension 165×100×55mm
Weight 495g

*All products are tested in controlled environments in the manner of RADOBIO. We do not guarantee consistent results when tested under different conditions.

Shipping Information:

Cat.No. Product Name Shipping dimensions
W×H×D (mm)
Shipping weight (kg)
T100 Incubator CO2 Analyzer 400×350×230 5

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