Calibration: Precision assurance.

Accuracy and precision are two sides of the same coin: they are essential for the validity and reproducibility of a temperature control process. Regular instrument calibration identifies possible measurement deviations from the “true value”. Using a reference measuring instrument, the instrument settings are readjusted and the measurement results are documented in a calibration certificate.

Regular calibration of your radobio device ensures the quality of your tests and processes.

Why is the calibration of your radobio unit important?

RADOBIO Service calibrates your unit according to our factory standard with the help of certified and calibrated measuring devices in accordance with industry guidelines. For the first step, we determine and document deviations from the target values in a reliable and reproducible way. After identifying any deviations, we adjust your unit. In doing this, we eliminate the difference determined between the actual and target values.

What benefits will you get from calibration?

RADOBIO Service calibrates your unit according to our factory standard.

quickly and reliably
Carried out quickly and reliably on site.

international standards
Compliance with all relevant international standards.

qualified and experienced
Implementation by qualified and experienced specialists.

maximum performance
Ensures maximum performance over the entire service life of the unit.


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