C180SE High Heat Sterilization CO2 Incubator | Model Animal Research Institute in Shanghai

Elevating Research Standards: Seamless Integration of C180SE CO2 Incubator and AS1500 Biosafety Cabinet at Shanghai Model Animal Research Institute

In the vibrant research landscape of Shanghai, our cutting-edge equipment, the C180SE High Heat Sterilization CO2 Incubator, and AS1500 Biosafety Cabinet have found a new home at the prestigious Model Animal Research Institute. Specializing in the supply of model mice for various biotech enterprises, this institute stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of biomedical research. The successful installation of our CO2 incubator and biosafety cabinet ensures a seamless and controlled environment, fostering breakthroughs that advance the boundaries of scientific discovery for biotech companies worldwide.

C180 CO2 Incubator+AS1500 biosafety cabinet2

Post time: Feb-22-2024