03.Aug 2023 | Biopharmaceutical bioprocess development summit

2023 biopharmaceutical bioprocess development summit, radobio participates as a biopharmaceutical cell culture supplier.

Traditionally, laboratory biology has been a small-scale operation; tissue culture vessels are rarely larger than the palm of the experimenter’s hand, volumes are measured in “milliliters,” and protein purification is considered a success if it yields a few micrograms. With the increasing focus on translational research, structural biology and regenerative medicine, many scientists are starting to look at the “big picture”. Whether they are trying to purify a few grams of protein for crystallization experiments or testing the feasibility of developing a brand new gene product into a new drug, these researchers soon find themselves contemplating the intricacies of large-scale cell culture.

Thanks to the achievements of the biotechnology industry, the vertical expansion of cell culture is already a well-trodden path. “The field is already bursting at the seams as a vast array of products are emerging, ranging from 100 ml conical flasks cultured in shakers to 1,000 L bioreactor cultures, with drugs being able to be produced in mammalian cells in large quantities.

radobio can provide excellent shaker products for suspension cell culture, and in this conference, the new shaker product CS345X was demonstrated, which has the following advantages:
❏ Multiple adjustable amplitudes for different cell culture needs.
▸ 12.5/25/50mm adjustable amplitude, one can efficiently meet different cell culture experiments, without the need to purchase multiple devices for different experimental needs, saving users a lot of cost.
❏ Wider speed range, low-speed smooth and high-speed stable.
▸ Unique and innovative bearing technology further widens the speed control range, which can realize the speed control range of 1~370rpm, providing an effective guarantee to meet different experimental needs.
❏ Sliding upward door opening saves space and provides convenient access to cultures.
▸ Sliding upward door opening avoids the space occupied by the outward door opening, and provides more convenient access to the cultures.
❏ Optional active humidity control function can control humidity up to 90%r.h.
▸ Rindo’s built-in active humidity control module ensures precise and reliable humidity control with a stability of ±2% r.h.
❏ Magnetic drive for smoother operation, low energy consumption, environmental protection and energy saving.
▸ No need for belts, reducing the risk of contamination due to background heat from belt friction on incubation temperature and wear particles.


Post time: Aug-22-2023